More than a luxury, smartphones have become the need of an hour. It has become part of our daily life, from the time we get up in the morning until the time we go to bed these phones drive our life. There are many applications, such as Lucky Patcher apk that make a smartphone worth much more than it is. It has become the source of our entertainment, the gadget to store our memories and search portal for our queries.

It serves various security purposes as well, one can have direct access to security cameras installed in offices or homes. You can keep an eye on your child while you are away for work. These android phones are generally mistaken as a sheer waste of time, but if used intellectually and orderly, they are really useful and can be productive as well. So, today we are explain some information about latest and amazing Lucky Patcher Apk for Android.



While some of the features come inbuilt in smartphones some of these needs to be outsourced by downloading various apps. These apps are really useful. From reading your favorite book to watching your favorite movie on your smartphone, you can do anything and everything utilizing these apps. You can also download(скачати) sample of games through these apps and can have the gala time when free.

Some of these apps and games are free to download a few of them are available on the paid version. But, there are few apps which are semi-paid. You can access such apps at free of cost in the initial stage, but, once you get addicted to these apps you need to pay to explore further advanced features of the same. Moreover, the apps which are free of cost are loaded with lots of advertisement, after every minute pop up advertisements irritate the users and becomes the hindrance to their entertainment.

Here we will let you know everything about an amazing app that will help you to get rid of these unwanted hindrances and will also help you to unlock paid features of apps which otherwise are free of cost.

This amazing app is Lucky Patcher 7.3.0  apk (Original Apk), this app is available for all android phones and helps you to enjoy amazing and advanced features of your favorite app without paying anything.

Some of you might be aware of this app but for those who have no clue what this app is all about and how it works, here is the complete the guide for where we will let you know its benefits, features and will provide you a complete guide that will help you to download it. As a bonus, we will also try to rule out all the queries by taking up some frequently asked questions.


All about Lucky Patcher 7.3.0 (latest version)

Lucky Patcher Apk is a tool which helps to change the permission settings for apps running on your Android phones. It also helps in blocking all the pop-up ads that hinders your entertainment and will also help you to explore those features which are otherwise paid.

The latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk is as good as its previous versions and helps you to give full control over apps and games.  It will not only help you to get in- purchase features free of cost but will also help you to create backups of your apps and games.

If you have downloaded this Patcher app on your android phone it will let you surpass the verification process required for downloading some apps and files. Unlike its previous versions it has an added advantage that it can work easily on both rooted and unrooted device, but still, we suggest you use this app on the rooted device for better functioning.

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Lucky Patcher Latest Version Apk Info (Lucky Patcher 7.3.0)



Lucky Patcher
Latest Version 7.3.0
Latest Release date April 2018
Size 7.46 MB
Developer Chelpus
Official Website
Total downloads 20 million plus
Ratings 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.3 +


Lucky Patcher Latest Apk Download (скачати) and Install In Android

Before going on to features and working of this amazingly beneficial Lucky-Patcher app, let us help you with the process of installing the same on your android phone.

Step 1: Changing the setting of your phone

First of all, you need to go to security settings(Privacy) on your android phone. Enable unknown sources on the same. Generally, the location of this feature is in security settings only but it may vary as per model and brand of the phone you are using.

Step 2: Allowing Unknown Sources

After enabling the option of unknown source, download the Lucky Patcher app 7.3.0 from play store and open the downloader to install the app.



Step 3: Downloading Lucky Patcher Apk

After you have successfully installed the Lucky Patcher app on your android phone, open the same from launcher pad.



Step 4: Installing Lucky PatcherApk

After opening the same, the app itself will start downloading.



Step 5: Permissions

Once the app is completely downloaded, it will ask for your permission to install the Patcher App on your android phone. All you need to do is to click on install icon, which may come up with few warnings but simply ignore these warnings and install the same.

Step 6: Successful installation



Now your android phone is ready to use Lucky Patcher app to enjoy uninterrupted benefits of all your other favorite apps.

Advantage of Lucky Patcher Application

  • Helps in blocking advertisements: By downloading this app, you will get rid of the unnecessary advertisements. These are the pop up adds that disrupts you while using some apps and playing games.



  • Helps in using paid features: Lucky-Patcher app allows you to get control of features which are paid othe You can easily get hold of all these features without paying any price for the same. The success rate of Lucky Patcher in hacking these paid features of different apps is almost 80 percent.


  • Need not to go through verification process: By downloading the latest version of Lucky Patcher on your android phone, you can easily get rid of the verification process required for accessing certain apps.
  • Store apps in SD card: You can easily transfer your photos, documents in memory cards but it is really difficult to move your apps in memory cards. But with the help of Patcher Application, you can easily move your apps stored on your android phone to Sd cards.
  • Back up: As mentioned in the previous point, it is easy to transfer photos and other documents to Sd card, in the same way, it is really convenient to take back up of all these documents but taking back up of your apps and games is now possible with the help of this multi-functional Lucky Patcher Now you need not start your favorite game all over again.
  • Helps in customizing apps: Special custom patches that you can explore with the help of this Patcher Application, you can customize few features of apps and games. You can give it new look, new effects, and many more things. You just need to check the compatibility of such patches with your apps. However, after applying the patch it will let you know whether the patch can be applied or not. Lucky Patcher tries to apply these patches but does not assure you the applicability of the same.


  • Helps in converting apps: Now you need not worry about losing your apps and games while formatting your android system. With the help of Patcher Application, you can easily convert these apps to system apps. Conversion of these apps to system apps assures you the security of such data.



Some frequently asked questions about Lucky Patcher App

  • What is the reason behind crashing or freezing of Lucky Patcher app?

There can be various reasons, one reason can be the working of an app on the non-rooted device. Other reasons can be slow working on an android phone, in that case, you need to reboot your phone and not an app.  And always make sure to update the latest version of Patcher Application.



  • What if the patch has been applied, and after applying it says 60% lucky but when opened it does not work?

60% lucky means that there are 60% chances that patch will be applied. It does not mean that it will work 60%. However, this 60% chance does not assure you the applicability of the same. Also, make sure that patch that you have applied is compatible with the version of the app you want to apply on.

  • Is it safe to install and download Lucky Patcher app?

It is completely safe and secure to download Lucky Patcher app on your android phone. There are approximately 20 million users using this app and so far there has been no such complaints from users about security and breach of information. But it does not mean that this app is 100% defect free you may encounter few technical issues which may be because of low connectivity or old version of Lucky Patcher app.


safe lucky patcher apk



  • Is this app available for I phone users as well?

By far, Lucky-Patcher Application has been successful on android phones only. iPhone requires the lot of system updates which hampers the working of Lucky Patcher app on IOS.

  • What is the modus operandi of this app?

The modus operandi of this app is really simple, it just changes the original code of an app with modified code. However, for some apps these codes are totally replaced, it is done to enjoy new and customized features which are not possible with original code of an app.

  • At the time of downloading, the system shows the warning,” That file which you are downloading may have some virus and can be harmful to your system”

You really need not worry, there is no virus in the app. This type of warning is displayed generally with all .apk files at the time of downloading. You can continue with file installation process without any doubts and worry.

  • Is it necessary to update it regularly?

Yes, if you want to keep using all other apps without any hindrance it is always suggested to update the app on regular basis. Moreover, it is always better to have the latest version of any app to enjoy advanced features of apps.


latest update of lucky patcher apk



The latest version of Lucky Patcher is must have app for everyone who owns an android phone. It not only helps you to accommodate application according to your preferences and choice but also gives you full control to run these apps. It helps in modifying all the app on your device without rebooting the phone.

But like other apps, even this latest version of Patcher Application may encounter some technical issues while operating. There can be various reasons for the same, few of the reasons we have discussed earlier as well but one of the major reasons that can hinder the performance of  Patcher on certain apps is the security features of apps.

Some apps have really tight security due to which it becomes difficult to change their codes to apply changes. Apart from this, Lucky-Patcher apk is really easy to install and convenient to use.