GBWhatsApp Apk: If you own an android or an IOS device, chances are you are familiar and most importantly hooked to the world wide popular chatting and calling app whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most trending messenger app that can be downloaded in smartphones and be used to exchange messages, audios, videos, video calls and voice calls. It uses internet services to work, so is relatively cheaper and economical as compared to texting or calling people locally or for being connected to people all over the world. Whatsapp is possibly the first app we download if we change our phone or format the old one. So, we will share some interesting features of gbwa v6.25 in this post.

Whatsapp has a great user interface, however there are certain restrictions when it comes to stock whatsapp, this is where whatsapp mods come in. The most famous and downloaded mod out of them all is GBWhatsapp. Read further to know how and where can you download this amazing whatsapp mod through GBWhatsapp apk download. In this article we will explain how to install GBWhatsApp Apk in android device.


gbwhatsapp apk


Download GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version For Android

GBWhatsapp is the best modded form of whatsapp and has many impressive features namely- you can hide your last seen, online status, second tick and the blue ticks. The mod can be customizable with which you can customize your whatsapp the way you want to in accordanceto the daily theme updates.In case you’re bored with the regular whatsapp and you are looking for a change, then GBWhatsapp is the best option for you. There are numerous mods available on the internet for whatsapp, however, the best, by far is gbwa. It regularly gets updated along with stock whastapp to make it more interesting and appealing.This can be used as a dual version with the regular or stock whatsapp in the same device.



Features  of GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

Due to all the amazing and incredible features, GBWhatsapp, appears on the top of the search ahead of all other whatsapp mods. GBWhatsapp has widespread fans who find this GB mod version of whatsapp better than the original whastapp, owing to the vast features and easy interface. With the help of gbwa v6.25, you can access whatsapp on two numbers, which adds to the already existent features of GBWhatsapp. A lot of people even want to permanently switch from the original whatsapp to the GBWhatsapp. The list of features that make gbwa v6.25 a favourite among people are as ensuing:

  • Dual WhatsApp

There is no issue if you use this version mod of whatsapp along with the original whatsapp and can be operated simultaneously. Not just theoriginal whatsapp it can be used with other whatsapp mods as well. The apk file package to download this is com.gbwhatsapp, thus there isn’t any hassles for you to use this mod of whatsapp with any other app.

dual gbwhatsapp



  • Anti-ban and Secure

This version of whatsapp mod is secure and you don’t have to worry about people prying or having access to your private chats and details. The security is same as the original whatsapp, where no one has access to your personal information. Also, this version is anti- ban so you don’t have to worry about your account being suspended.

secure gbwhatsapp apk



  • Privacy mods

GBWhatsapp has great options to protect your privacy. The varied options are- hide your last seen, online status, status, blue ticks, double ticks and what not.  You can also customize your settings to let these things be visible only to a certain people. The options are for custom, nobody, contacts only and everyone.

gbwhatsapp privacy



  • Theme mods

The most liked feature is that you can customize your gbwa v6.25 in accordance to your mod and liking. However, the themes can only be designed for GBWhatsapp. The theme is updated everyday.

gbwhatsapp theme



  • Message Scheduler

Haven’t you all experienced how you want to text someone something, but realize it’s too late or early for that? And how you remembered a certain friend’s birthday a few days in advance but forgot it the day it was? Fret not GBWhatsapp has got you covered. With us you can now send scheduled messages whenever you want them to get delivered to whoever you want to send that message. Isn’t it the best thing ever? I am sure it is! for example- it is your friend’s birthday tomorrow, and you want to sleep but can’t sleep with out wishing her/him. Schedule a birthday message for 12 AM and voila! problem solved. You can sleep peacefully and your scheduled message will get sent at 12 AM.

gbwhatsapp message scheduler



  • Other features

Whatsapp has certain restrictions and limits when it comes to the length of the video, or the size of the video, group name characters limit and what not! With gbwa v6.25 , you get the following features better than the original whatsapp.

  1. You can send videos of upto 50MB
  2. Status of 255 characters
  3. Send upto 90 images in one go
  4. Broadcast messages, photos, videos etc. to 600 people at once.
  5. Group name characters limit has been increased to 35 characters.


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How to install GBWhatsapp’s latest version

To download this incredible whatsapp mod on your android device free of cost, you first need to download the gbwhatsappapk from the download link attached. Your device must be compatible to run gbwa v6.25 and must be atleast Android 4.0+ version. In case this requirement fits, then you can easily download GBWhatsapp without any hassles.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is enable unknown sources from security settings, otherwise you will be unable to download the latest version of GBWhatsapp. So just activate the unknown sources from your android phone.

GBWhatsapp apk Install Process


Download the gbwa v6.25 file that you want to install. The download link has been provided to you at the top of this post. You can download the GBWhatsapp with ease from the link so provided.the downloaded version would look something like this:

After opening the downloaded GBWhatsapp, tap on the install button. Wait till the installation completes to use the gbwa v6.25 latest on your device.


gbwhatsapp install progress

gbwhatsapp install progress



GBWhatsapp apk install free

GBWhatsapp apk install free



GBWhatsapp apk install latest version

The new GBWhatsapp has finally been installed on your android device. You can now easily use gbwa v6.25 by launching the version and confirming your phone number using the one- time password which will be sent on the number you want to use gbwa v6.25 on. You can also restore previous data and chats easily using the backup of whatsapp.

Your GBWhatsapp is ready to use. Pep up your whastapp usage and features with amazing and awesome features. Get the best user experience with GBWhatsapp and avail the benefit of dual whatsapp. I am sure, you will love it just as much as everyone else does.

To use gbwa v6.25 , it will ask certain permissions to let it access a few things in your phone for a trouble- free usage. Click allow. They will ask for grant to access the following:

  • Wifi
  • Mic
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Location
  • Internet
  • Contacts
  • Send and receive SMS


Ways to switch from whatsapp to GBWhatsapp

The major issue users face while switching from whatsapp to GBWhatsapp is that they lose their previous chats and data that they wanted to save. This tutorial specially focuses on how to install gbwa v6.25 without compromising your data and chats from the original whatsapp and you can easily switch from whatsapp to gbwa v6.25. If your major concern is not losing your chats, media, voice notes, videos images and other data from whatsapp, follow this step to step tutorial and don’t worry. The steps are as follows:

GBWhatsapp latest apk install done


gbwhatsapp download all versiongbwa latest apk


gbwa v6.25 download


In the chat settings of your original whatsapp, click on the chat backup option which will guide you to the backup option of your chats and media. This backup will help restore your media and chats in gbwa v6.25. After successful installation of GBWhatsapp apk, all you have to do is tap on the copy whatsapp data button while you are verifying your phone number. Thus, it is incredibly easy to restore all your data from the original whatsapp to GBWhatsapp. You just need to undertake this step only the first time you install GBWhatsapp.

GBWhatsapp auto reply update

The GBwhatsapp comes with a brand new and exciting feature of auto reply. Using this feature, you can send automated replies to anyone when they message you. this feature is included in the 6.25 updated version of GBwhatsapp. You can custom your replies to common messages and send it to the sender when they text you.

Latest features for 6.25 update

  • Modified Notification icons
  • Automated reply option
  • Additional DND mode
  • New ticks and bubbles
  • New emoticons
  • New themes added
  • Added a new language- German (Dutch)
  • Added Anti- revoke
  • Bug fixes for previous versions
  • Send 100 documents at once, 90 photos and so much more.
  • Search emojis and GIFs
  • Multiple contacts scheduler
  • Send your live location
  • Now you send broadcast to groups
  • Filters for your images and videos added
  • Increased video limit
  • Copy text status
  • New and advanced storage management


How to update your GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is regularly updated with any new update in the stock whatsapp, or is usually updated on a monthly basis. Whenever the GBWhatsapp is updated, the update will be loaded here. You can download it from here and you will have to re-install your GBWhatsapp mod. In order to not miss our new udpates, bookmark this page or subscribe to push notifications.

Whatsapp is a favourite among masses and classes alike. This GBWhatsapp is gaining even more popularity due to it’s advanced features that surpass the stockwhatsapp features and is the safest option amongst them all. Once you try this mod, you would stick to it and never return to the original whatsapp. If you are an ardent user, then share your experience and reviews with us.