With the immense growth in the smartphone industry, the world of phones has evolved a lot. Making and receiving calls which used to be the prime function of these phones, has now just become the mere function of it. It has become the source of connecting with people, entertainment, knowledge and what not and with applications like Freedom apk, user experience the next level. These phones are stress busters in our busy lives. The apps and the games that are available on play store does not let us feel alone for a second even, we can spend hours on the same without getting bored, the features of these games and apps are so lucrative that at times we end up paying price to enjoy benefits of its paid features.

This article is for all those who are fond of playing games and using android applications in their free times. Most of these games are free to download, then how these game developers earn money from the same? This is one big question that comes to mind of almost everyone. One way to earn money from such apps are advertisements that come in between the application, the other way from which maximum amount is earned are in-app purchases. Certain features of your favorite games are paid, apart from features at times you need few extra lives or some special characters that are paid.

freedom apk download free


Here we have got an amazing app for all such game lovers that can help you to unlock all those paid features and lives for absolutely nothing. You need not pay a single penny to enjoy these features. Freedom apk, as its name suggests gives you freedom from paying any additional cost to have unlimited fun with unlimited features of your favorite game and application. We get so addicted to these games that we don’t hesitate to pay price for the same but now you need not worry about the same, just download this amazing Freedom app and enjoy. So here is everything you need to know about this amazing multifunctional application.


Everything you need to know about Freedom apk

Freedom apk is a multifunctional app for android phones. Having this app, make you equipped to enjoy the premium benefits of various apps and games available on play store. This app is specially designed for hardcore game lovers, it is basically a tool that hacks the various applications and helps to unlock the premium features of the games. Not only you can unlock the features but you can also get coins, lives, characters, can unlock new levels to play and all of this can be done without paying any price for it, all you need to do is just download the app and start using it. However, being an app that is known for hacking this app is not available on Google play store but all our readers need not to be disheartened as in this article we will provide you the complete guide on how to download and install this Freedom app.

But before we jump on to the installation guide of this app, let us go through the specifications of the latest version of Freedom apk.


Apk Name Freedom
Version 2.0.9
Android Version Android 2.3.3- Android 7.1.1
Size 1.9 MB
Last updated 27 January 2018
Method of installation Through Apk
Rooted or Non- rooted Rooted


After knowing such amazing specifications, we are sure that all our readers must be curious to know the outstanding features of this multifunctional Freedom apk. So here is the detailed list of features of Freedom apk.

  • Having Freedom app on your android phone, allows you to customize the application and games according to your taste and preferences. There are certain patches available with this app that helps you to change the visualization of applications.
  • Freedom apk, helps you to purchase coins, extra lives that are available for absolutely no price.
  • With the help of this app, you can unlock new premium levels of your favorite game without exhausting any coin or making any purchase.
  • Though for hardcore gamers this app is a blessing apart from benefitting gamers it also helps in bypassing the purchasing process of in-app purchases of various applications.
  • You can unlock the full version of games and application without paying any price for it.
  • We all know that how frequently up gradations are done for applications and games, to match up with these up gradations, Freedom apk keeps updating itself to accommodate the needs of new versions of applications.
  • Freedom apk works best when installed on rooted devices. It allows this application to run without any glitches and breaks.
  • Advertisements are main spoilers when it comes to playing games or running applications. This app allows you to get rid of this advertisements.
  • Freedom apk will help your applications and especially games to run faster and smoother.

So, are you excited to download the app after knowing the features of this amazing app. I am super excited to install Freedom apk on my android phone as soon as I can. So here is the complete installation guide for readers like me who just cannot wait to start using this multi-functional and amazing application. But before you start installing the app, make sure that android version of your phone is 4.0 or above. Any lower version will not be compatible with the app and hence you will not be able to run the same on your android phone. Also, it is better to have gingerbread version on the rooted device. Another plus point of the app that it does not consume much of the space on your system, it requires only 100MB space.

The complete process of downloading the latest version of Freedom apk

Downloading and installing Freedom apk is really convenient and a quick process. Just follow the steps that we have mentioned below as it is to avoid any sort of confusion.

Step 1: First step you need to follow to download this app, is to change the security settings of your phone. Open the settings of your phone.

Step 2: Under security settings, you will find an option of enabling unknown sources, just click on the same and enable the same. (Generally unknown sources are disabled to avoid any sort of virus, but when you need to download any app from third-party source you need to enable the same.)


freedom apk unknown sources setting


Step 3: Once you have enabled the settings of unknown sources, download the Freedom apk on your android phone by clicking on the following link.



Once you will start downloading it may warn you against the virus threat, but just ignore the warning as such kind of threat is displayed with almost all file of. apk type. Freedom apk will not harm your system in any way.

Step 4: Once you have downloaded the Freedom apk using the link, open the file manager on your Android device.

Step 5: After opening the file manager, locate the folder where all downloaded files are kept, and locate Freedom apk from the same.

Step 6: Now click on the downloaded file, it will seek your permission for starting the installation process, just keep clicking on the install button.


freedom apk install


download freedom apk


freedom apk install process done


Step 7: Hurray!! Finally, Freedom apk has been installed in your android system and you can start using it to enjoy premium benefits for various applications and games.

Now you can enjoy the unlimited features and can make in-app purchases absolutely free of cost.



How Freedom apk works

To use Freedom apk in sync with your Android apps. First of all open the app and it will seek your permission to root the app, just allow the same by clicking on grant permission. Once rooting will be done, the list of pre-installed applications will be displayed. Now just click on the app or game from the list from which you want to make in-app purchases. Once you will select the app or game it will take few seconds to perform the operation, so be patient. Now you can open the desired app and visit the purchase store from settings, now click on the buy or purchase button on the item you want to purchase, it will automatically make purchases without actually asking for any transactions. If you have no any device you need try android emulator  for test app.


Is Lucky Patcher Used Alternatives To Freedom Apk?

After successful install this app you can easily unlock the full version of any type of games and application without paying any price for it. But sometime device compatibility issue you can try best fun app as given below.



Being such an amazing hacking tool, the popularity of Freedom apk is getting increased day by day especially amongst youngsters whose life revolves around these smartphones. These youngsters love to explore different and unique features of various games and applications. But their pocket money does not allow them to pay price for buying these outstanding features, coins, gems and special characters. Freedom apk has solved their problem by making all these features available for absolutely no price. The experience of playing games will never be same again, the app will make you stand out amongst your friends. You can now flaunt the special powers that you possess in the game with the help of Freedom apk. So what are you waiting for, install the app and start your adventurous and thrilling journey in the gaming world.