Flappy Bird Apk Download- Flappy Bird is a mobile game which was developed by a famous Vietnamese programmer and video game artist under his company with the name- dot GEARS. With in a matter of few weeks, the Flappy Bird became a global phenomenon. Everyone seemed to be talking about it and not getting enough. Often touted as the new Angry bird, it is nevertheless frustrating and never ending. Thousands of the game’s addicts have taken to social media platforms to vent their frustration about how difficult, demanding and habit- forming game this is. It seems like a simple everyday game but is in fact addictive and difficult.

latest version flappy bird apk download

Latest Version Flappy Bird Apk

Flappy bird App involves tapping on your phone’s screens (can be either Android or an IOS device) to prompt and propel a small bird through a number of planned, strategically and deliberated placed pipes. In simple words, all you have to do is make the bird fly and make sure it doesn’t get hit by any of the strategically placed pipes. The number of pipes you manage to cross successfully without getting hit equals the score you have made.

Origin of the Flappy Bird Adventure Game

Earlier the only games that became popular were either racing games or games that had a high doze of adventure included. Flappy Bird has none, but the reasons for it’s success and its subsequent fall might seem interesting to unravel. Dong Nyugen first started working on flappy in the year 2012. Apparently, it only took him 2 days to complete the game and submit it for approval. Flappy was originally submitted with a different name that is‘Flap- Flap’but was later renamed to Flappy Bird as there was a game already existing with the name ‘Flap- Flap’ in the app store.Twitter was flustered with good, bad and mixed reviews about it. But what no body could deny was that Flappy had taken everyone by storm and it was there to stay. The two things these social media reviews had in common was that the Flappy Bird was difficult, intriguing, frustrating and highly addictive.

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Flappy Bird Apk pulled down from App stores and Google Play

The only difficulty IOS device holders and android phone holders might face is that this game or Flappy bird Apk in unavailable on the app store or the play store. This is so because the Flappy bird is not available in the app store and you have to download Flappy bird from different sources.

Despite the fact that Flappy was creating a huge buzz every where was being readily downloaded on both App store as well as the Google Play, the developer or the developing company decided to pull down the very popular game. But don’t lose heart, there still are ways where in you can download your favorite game on your device and get back to playing it.In case you google search it, it will display numerous search results that claim to help you or let you download it for free. Even though they do let you download the game for free, most of the links only have the oldest version and does not have the updated version which in itself is a bummer.

The old version had a lot many bugs thus, everyone tends to avoid playing and downloading that. Obviously, who would want to play a game if all they have to play are bugs?  Whereas the updated version is amazing and preferred by all the flappy bird fans and other gamers. It is addictive and can be played anywhere, any time! We have become so busy in our lives that we tend over do things and not relax our minds and bodies enough. At such times, these games come handy. They not only help you unwind but also relax your mind. This is why it is advisable to play this game in breaks and not continuously.

Basics and Key points of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, the name itself gives little insight on how the game actually would be. In this app, you have to control a bird’s flight so that it steers clear of any obstacles that come in it’s way during the course of the game. In this game, the obstacles and hurdles or hindrances are in the form of pipes. Even though the mechanics of the game are really simple but getting through and even earning more than 5 points is a huge thing.

Earning Point in flappy Bird

Earning Point in flappy Bird


All the gamers have to do, is tap on the screen so that the bird continues to flap its wings and so that a continuous flapping pattern and flow is maintained. The biggest challenge here is to maintain a steady pace of the bird’s flapping wings while you try and cross the pipes. Sounds easier than done because maintaining a steady and continuous pace is extremely difficult and you end up losing the game with in seconds.

Latest flappy Bird app

Sound Quality

Lots and lots of practice along with even more patience are required to cross these pipes that are positioned at various places along the path of this app. No doubt people have termed it as frustrating and addictive. You can not stop yourself to make another attempt and to try and out do your score or the scores of your friends.

Each time you lose or the bird crashes into one of the pipes and you plan to start over, you will face different scenarios, different time zones (it can be either day time or night). What’s more even the birds change colors. This adds an interesting touch and spice to the game, which makes people play it more and often. It is just the right mix of difficulty with a lot of twists that force you to try it just one last time.

download flappy Bird


If you haven’t played or tried playing this game even once, you sure are missing out on an amazing game. There isn’t anything not to love about these flappy birds trying to fly. Most of the people already have it on their phones, don’t lag behind or the fear of missing out will engulf you.  Once you download it, I am sure you’ll understand all the hype around this game.


Download Flappy Bird Apk

Flappy Bird Apk Download

Flappy Bird Apk Download

The problem arises when you need to download the latest version of the flappy bird. There are a lot of websites still offering the old version, and you will have to scout the right website. Follow the link to download flappy bird apk. The amazing thing about downloading it from here is that this link would automatically update itself if the game is updated. This will also save so much time and your efforts. Otherwise, you would have to look for another link to update your app, go through a series of websites before landing on the right link.



How to install the latest version of Flappy Bird Apk on Android?

It might appear to be a lot of work, but in reality, it’s the complete opposite. You don’t need extensive knowledge about software to download a game outside of the app store or google play store. Even a novice can manage to do the same easily without facing any difficulties. To make the process even simple and easier, we give you pointers.

  • The first thing you need to do is download Flappy Bird apk on your android device, from the link attached.
  • Install the downloaded link.
Latest Version Flappy Bird Apk

Latest Version Flappy Bird Apk

  • In case this is your first time when you have installed any app from outside and not the google or play store, a message saying security error will flash on your screen. To resolve this minor issue, you must go to your device’s settings, then click on security and fingerprints. After doing this, choose the unknown sources option. Doing this will enable your Android device to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Try downloading your flappy bird apk after the aforementioned changes have been made to your Android device. This will enable easy download of your flappy bird apk.
Download Flappy Bird Apk 1.4

Download Flappy Bird Apk 1.4

  • After the game has been successfully installed, open it.
Install Flappy Bird Apk

Install Flappy Bird Apk

  • Tadah!!, your game is now all set and ready to be played.


Run Flappy Bird Apk

Run Flappy Bird Apk


Flappy Bird Apk

Flappy Bird Apk


I am sure it can not get easier and better than this.

You need to know about Life After Flappy Bird

However, what seems shocking is that after releasing the flappy, Dong Nyugen appeared to withdraw from both Twitter and his game because he wanted to restore his peace of mind and live in peace. However, he did give some really useful advice to the users of his game. He said it is recommended to take breaks while playing the game instead of playing it for long durations of time. This will not only refresh the users mind but also help in reducing the frustration. Even though there is no hard and fast rule or strategy when It comes to securing a high score in the game, be sure that your phone’s screen isn’t very sensitive. He also said, playing this game is much easier and more feasible on an android phone as opposed to an IOS device. Furthermore, it is an absolute delight playing this game on your cell phone. Getting bored- play the game! Want to avoid a situation- play the game, need to while your time away? Play The Flappy Bird! It’s a game for people on the go. Flappy App created a buzz like never before, it garnered negative as well as positive reviews but everyone seemed to be playing the game and hooked to it. It was a sensation world wide.

Enjoy your flappy bird game

Refer to this page and link to enjoy Latest Version Flappy Bird Apk and update the app regularly as and when the updates appear without any hassles, worry or glitch. Bookmark this page and update your app directly into your smartphone by opening this web page. Get ready to enroll yourself in a fun filled and exciting flying ride with the flappy bird(Download flappy bird Apk) and flap your way around. Learn easy tip and tricks for other games as well. Happy Gaming!!