Since Dragon ball Fighter Z has managed to achieve tremendous success, hence ithas always been among the top rated as well as popular RPG action game since many years. This series of games is very much compatible on the PC, Console, and Mobile etc. And therefore, continuing the huge success of Dragon ball Fighter Z, the developer, Bandai Namco has decided to launch altogether a new game named Dragon Ball Legends. In this article, we will explain best Dragon ball Legends game.

Dragon Ball Legends has become among the most popular as well as demanded game nowadays that is being available for all the Android as well as iOS users in their respective stores. However, at the present time, this amazing game console is in the pre-order state that is being expected to be released on 14th June 2018. Just stay tuned and we will definitely provide you’re the access link for the respective apk file as and when it has been made available.You can take advantage of playing this game at absolutely free of cost, however, there are still few of the in-app purchases during the gameplay.


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Dragon Ball Legends is the game that has been could considered among the perfect Card Action Battle gamesalong with amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, real-looking characters as well as awesome lighting and background effects. Therefore, players do not get bored at all playing this amazing game for several hours. It is all about battling in the real-time with that of other players throughout the world. You can even enhance the overall power of your characters, so that you can defeat the other player in competitors.

Story of Dragon Ball Game

The main story upon which this amazing game has been played has been taken from the famous manga of the same name. Manga is again among the amazing game based on the story wherein journey of the protagonist Son Goku has been elaborated. Goku is a protagonist who along with some of his friends uses all this extra powers in order to destroy all the forces that tries to invade the Earth. Therefore, if you are aware of this game, then it will be easier for you to play this new Dragon ball legend game, as it is again based on the same storyline.


Dragon Ball Legends – Overview

Below is the brief overview f this ultimate game named Dragonball legend apk:

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Developer: Bandai Namco (w/ Dimps)

Platform:Android and iOS

Genre: One-finger card action battle (apparently)

Release date: Summer 2018


Specifications of the Dragon ball legend apk

Apart from the overview, below is the brief description of this game:

Application  Dragon Ball Legends
File Name dragonballlegends.apk
Total Size 104.00 MB
Version Name 1.0
Minimum Android Version Required Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Updated On 07-April-2018
MD5 93debb24rswfe1963hf27de848180e


How to play Dragon Ball Legends  Game

Just like any other traditional role-playing games, Dragon Ball Legends follows the same play style. In this game, players are entitled to select more than one character at the same time, so that a proper team can be formed. After forming the team, all the players are required to control their respective characters. All these characters will be active participants in numerous of battles that appears to be quite essential for complete the particular task of the respective game. There are two modes wherein Dragonball legends can be played that follow the storyline and play online in real time.

  • The first mode is the plot mode.

This is an amazing gaming mode that requires the players to control all the chosen characters to fight with the other characters in the particular scenario in order to successfully complete the game.

  • The second mode is the real-time PvP mode.

In this mode; all the players are required to select their respective characters. After forming their team, they will be required to fight with other players following a particular network connection.

The essential thing to be kept in mind is that every character will be accompanied with the very limited amount of blood. All the characters are essentially required to save their blood level, as and when it appears to be 0, it will be declared as fail. In order to provide the maximum of the damage to other characters, players are required practice the various skill combos of each character. In general, the entire players do spend a lot of time in practicing various combos in order to maximize the efficient usage.


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Graphics and sound

Dragon Ball Legends has been designed as well as developed using the amazing as well as most beautiful 3D graphics designs. There are many of the wonderful characters along with the respective pictures being displayed as well as detailed in the landscape. All the surroundings along with other graphics are being designed with such a neatness and cleanliness that even smallest of the effect from the character skills is very much visible and appear to be quite impressive.

Also apart from just the graphics, the sound itself is the thing that attracts huge number to the players. The sound effects are capable of giving such an amazing experience to the players that they feel like fighting in the real battle while playing this amazing game named Dragon-Ball Legends.


Download Dragon Ball Legends APK for Android

Now, after having enough knowledge of what this dragon ball legend game is all about, without any more wastage of time, let us focus on the downloading of this amazing game.

  • First and foremost, you will be required to download the apk file for Dragonball legends from the link given below. Just click on the below link and the downloading will get automatically started:



  • Have patience till the downloading gets completed successfully and once it is done, copy the downloaded apk file on your Android-based device.


Install Dragon Ball Legends APK

  • First of all ensure that the downloading of the respective apk file has been successfully completed without any bug from the link mentioned above.
  • Before initiating with the installation process of Dragon-ball legend, you are required to ensure that the unknown sources have been enabled in your Android-based device.
  • In case it is disabled, go to Setting >> Security >> Allow Unknown Sources. Just check this option and it will permit you to proceed with the installation.
  • Now that you have enabled the unknown sources, jump to the folder wherein the downloaded apk file has been saved in your Android-based device.
  • Make sure that you have selected the right file and tap on the Dragon Ball Legends APK file to initiate the final installation process.
  • Now just with the flow, there will be numerous of on-screen instructions that you will come across,just follow the same andgo through with the simplest installation process.
  • The installation process will take few seconds; have patience till it gets completed successfully.
  • Once the installation process has been completed, an automatically generated default icon will appear on the desktop, head over to the app drawer and Tap on the Dragon Ball Legends Icon.
  • You are all set to start playing this amazing game.
  • Keep playing and enjoying!!


Some features of Dragon Ball Legends game

This is among the most awaited games that many of the gamers have been waiting for long. This game comes up with a lot many amazing and unique features that make it a preferable choice for most of the gamers out there. In this section, we will elaborate few of the top-rated features that DragonBall legend provides.

  • In order to let players have the real-time experience, a proper 3D environment has been created that helps the players to stick to this game for longer.
  • Generally, this game is always being misinterpreted as one of the normal fighting game; however, this is basically a card battling video game.
  • There are actually five type of cards namely melee, ranged, support, special and ultimate.
  • All the players are required to play battles against many of the Dragon Ball fans across the world.
  • Also, you will get a chance to have an altogether a new adventurous experiencewith Gokualong with your other favorite characters.
  • In order to enhance the overall gaming experience of the players, there will also be many of the high-quality 3D stages enriched with the amazing character voicing.
  • You are made capable of controlling all your Dragon-Ball fighters.
  • Though this game is available to be downloaded at absolutely free of cost, however, there are few of the items that are available for in-app purchases. If you opt to purchase these items, then it will automatically enhance your overall gameplay along with helping you in your progress.
  • Also, these in-app purchase items can also be disabled from the main settings of your device.


Now, that you are aware of all the features as well as specifications of dragon ball legends game, it will be very easy for you to achieve your targets in the respective game. Also, the precise download and installation guide will help you during the entire process.